Built on over 15 years of e-Recruitment experience, our proven sector products provide tailored functionality to meet the needs of individual industry sectors. The Financial Times described WCN as providing possibly the first paperless recruitment solution back in 1999. From this point, WCN has won multiple industry awards for both our own technical innovations and those implemented on behalf of our clients. Moreover, as authors of the UK Government’s Best Practice Guide to e-Recruitment, WCN is recognised as the leading provider of recruitment solutions in line with client needs.

WCN provides tailored e-Recruitment solutions for a broad range of dynamic employers across a wide variety of industry sectors that recruit and manage talent across the globe. WCN solutions include WCNEnterprise for larger, global businesses, WCNGraduate for companies running graduate or campus recruitment campaigns and WCNRedeployment to sensitively and effectively manage ‘at risk’ employees.

In addition, WCN provides off-the-shelf, sector specific solutions for Public, College, Finance, Fire & Rescue, Police, Retail and University Sectors.

WCN_First_StepFor organisations new to e-Recruitment, WCN recommends First-Step, its instantly implemented and cost-effective solution packed with more innovative functionality than any other off-the-shelf product.